Apply now for Erasmus+ funding

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Jan 242015


Upcoming events in 2015 and 2016

Save the date for the following key events in the Visonautic pipeline! Please note: EU-citizens from countries other than Germany can apply for EU funding to cover the entire cost of the course. The deadline for applications is 4 March 2015. Click here to find out more about Erasmus + Mobility.

  • Team-Strategy: A facilitated strategy-retreat for the future of your institution. For teams from 2 to 8 members. 7th September to 11th September 2015.
  • Multisensual Facilitation: How to enrich your facilitation practice by addressing all your learners’ senses. 20th August to 28th August 2015.
  • Hosting Innovation: How to gently push your learners out of the box. 18th April to 29th April 2016.
  • Hosting Transformation Conference: Focus on Innovation. 21-27 August 2016

Hosting Transformation Days 2016 in Berlin

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Jan 242015

Hosting Transformation Days 2016

Focus on Innovation: 21-27 August in Berlin

How to create the best conditions in which innovative ideas can emerge and mature to implementation? Pioneers from the fields of education, process support and consulting will come together at this conference to experience, develop and experiment with new forms of nurturing innovation processes. Many people experience innovation as an exhausting fight against defenders of the status quo and struggle with their own fears of an uncertain future. The conference will examine this journey into the unknown, and Continue reading »

Visionautik for Phineo

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Sep 162014

PhineoOn the 18. 9. we will create a Team Day with a tailored treasure hunt for PHINEO. The preparation is a blast  and we expect a lot of sun for thursday. If you are interested in our treasure hunts for your company or organisation give us a call.

EU Assistent Francisco Milan

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Aug 162014

Francisco Francisco has been working for us in the first half of this year. The official assistantship is over now, but we all feel that is has just been the start. We are not saying here what he is good at, because we do not want you to by him out. Thank you so much Francisco for the wonderful time!

Musical Hosting

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Jul 252014

Musiklische-ProzessbegleitungSeid diesem Jahr bieten wir im Rahmen der Akademie der Heilenden Künste in Klein Jasedow einen berufsbegleitende Weiterbildungsstudiengang in Musikalischer Prozessbegleitung an. Der Pilot ist sehr erfolgreich angelaufen. Der Studiengang qualifiziert zur musikalischen Prozessbegleitung von Menschen in allen Lebensaltern sowie in Praxisfeldern der sozialen und kulturellen Arbeit im Gesundheits- und Bildungsbereich, der unternehmensgestaltenden Arbeit, der Prävention, Rehabilitation und innovativen Projektarbeit. Der Studiengang dauert zwei Jahre und wird in 21 Blockseminaren jeweils von Donnerstagabend bis Sonntag durchgeführt. Die beiden neuen Einführungsseminare finden vom 12. – 15. Februar 2015 und vom 16. – 19. April 2015 statt. Hier gibt is mehr Informationen dazu.

Visionautik for MSLS in Karlskrona

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Jun 162014

Visionautik for MSLSThe yearlong Coaching Journey, that accompanies the  MSLS study course found its crowning conclusion in a Visionautik Workshop. This is one of the cooperations that resulted out of the work with the International Partnership for Transformative Learning (IPTL) and was partly funded by the Erasmus+ mobility program.

Deadline for Mobilities postponed

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Mar 162014

We have good news fÏor everybody who is struggeling with the deadline for the KA1 mobility application: The deadline has been postponed one week till the 24th this month. Good luck with your applications!