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Mar 162014

We have good news fÏor everybody who is struggeling with the deadline for the KA1 mobility application: The deadline has been postponed one week till the 24th this month. Good luck with your applications!

Mar 072014

Do you wish to learn new facilitation or management skills in an international setting?
Allow yourself and the staff of your education organization to inspire and refresh yourselves,
your teaching and your collaboration, funded by the new EU Programme Erasmus+:


All our courses are in an inspired and innovative facilitation style, contextualized, multisensual and appreciative. They are held by experienced and proficient trainers and coaches with an ample range of expertise.

Previous participants have found these courses useful and enriching both professionally and personally: “The intellectual, creative, academic and spiritual integrity of the Visionautics team made the program the most inspirational and practical I have ever experienced. The Visionautics experience is essential for changemakers. The Visionautics experience is what the business and government world needs now.” (Gil Agnew, business developer, Netherlands/Spain). Read more testimonials about our courses here.

Who can apply for the funding?

All European organisations who work with education can apply for courses for all their employees, freelancers, volunteers and trainers out of their network. (For our offers German organizations are excluded, though, as the Academy of Visionautics is located in Germany). If you are an autonomous trainer or facilitator, you can only apply in cooperation with an organization.

What are your benefits?

-Your staff will get high quality trainings and workshops for free, including food accommodation and travel costs
-Your staff will have an amazing cultural experience, meeting colleagues from all over Europe.
-Your organization will get additional 350€ per person they send to a course.

What do you need to do for it?

The good thing about the new EU funding programme is that you only have to write ONE application with which you can fund ALL courses you want to offer to ALL of your employees, freelancers, volunteers and trainers of your network during the next one or two years. We estimate that this will take 3-5 days of concentrated work. We created a step-by-step guide to make the application process smooth and easy. Your chances of approval are good: The funding for educational exchange has been increased drastically and foresees to send 800.000 lecturers, teachers and trainers each year,  and it is the first year of this funding programme – so you will be the pioneers in making use of this opportunity.

1.You will have to hand in the application online before March 17, 12.00 CET.

2. Additionally you should make a non-binding reservation for your chosen course(s) at the Academy of Visionautics which you can confirm as soon as you got the approval by the EU.

Take the chance and good luck!

Oct 042013

This book is a collection of stories from people who are dedicated to unlocking the world’s potential. Inside, you will discover the spirit of changemakers through their telling of challenges and transformations faced head-on. This book is about lifelong learning. This book is about the change that is already happening. Are we there yet?

See movies about the book

“I welcome this book with all my heart. It could be, and I believe it will be, of great significance. We are close to a tipping point – a bifurcation point in the way we manage this world and ourselves in the world. The way we have been managing ourselves and the world cannot be sustained any longer. We need to transform – ourselves, first of all – if we truly want to transform the world. Change begins at home, with each of us. And it continues with the small groups of friends and like-minded people who get together to align their thinking, their feeling, and their vision.”
Ervin Laszlo in his Foreword to this book.

The book consists of 96 pages in full colour, the regular bookshop price is 12€

The book is printed according to the latest innovative and environmentally friendly Cradle-to-Cradle standards by Gugler print in Austria.

Further details:
Hosting Transformation : stories from the edge of changemaking
International Partnership for Transformative Learning
Edited by Betsy McCall & Joos van den Dool
Foreword by Ervin Laszlo

ISBN 978-3-00-042450-2

Printed by gugler* Melk/Donau, Austria
First print, 2013: 1000 copies

Creative Commons licence: You are free to share, to copy, distribute and transmit the work for non-commercial
purposes with mention of the source: International Partnership for Transformative Learning. You may not alter,
transform, or build upon this work.

Comments and notifications of quoting are welcomed via

Please note: The printing of this book was made possible by the generosity of the Grundtvig Programme, although this is not an official EU Publication.

Jun 242013

For the first time, the many innovative adult education institutions, that have arisen all over Europe in recent years, will come together for a collaborative
festival. They all investigate in different ways how lifelong learning can contribute to a sustainable and joyful world. In the beautiful environment of Järna near Stockholm they will connect, collaborate and celebrate for a week.

They have been invited by the International Partnership for Transformative Learning (IPTL), which emerged from an EU-funded partnership. (Here’s an article about the learning partnership in the OYA.)
The IPTL is also publishing the book “Hosting Transformation – Stories from the edge of change making”, which will be presented at the festival for the first time to the public.

The hosts are the members of the IPTL:
Akademie für Visionautik (Germany)
Art Monastery Project (Italy)
Edventure (UK)
Embercombe (UK)
Knowmads (Netherlands)
Pioneers of Change (Austria)
SoL Hungary (Hungary)
Youth Initiative Program (Sweden)
Beneath the ones who have booked so far are:
Centre of environment and development studies (CEMUS) (Sweden)
euforia (Swizerland)
future@ducation (Germany)
Global Action Plan (GAP)
HLSS (Healthcare Leadership Summerschool)
Impuls – Agentur für angewandte Utopien e.V.
Institut für angewandte Kreativität (Germany)
Master´s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) (Sweden)

Nova Earth Institute (USA)

On Purpose (UK)

Power of Youth (UK)


Schumacher College (UK)

Here you find further information on the festival.

Jun 112013


Hosts in unchartered territory

Pioneers of change, knowledgeable nomads,

visionauts and seekers of meaning

by Joschi Sedlak published in 19/2013

The desire to help people implement their plans to change the world is a wish shared by many educational organizations across Europe. Seven of them have formed a learning partnership to exchange ideas and provide each other with support, encouragement and inspiration.

“Welcome to alternative education!” is the phrase that rings through my mind as I trip up the stairs of the little basement bar in Berlin, unlock my bike and cycle off through the streets of this city I hardly know. Continue reading »

Aug 292012


Listen in a guided audio-walk to the visionary projekts of pupils in Berlin

This projekt and the performance are only in german.

Realitäten aufmischen! Das machen jetzt 20 SchülerInnen des Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Gymnasiums in der Berliner Plattenbausiedlung Allee der Kosmonauten. Diese wird in Allee der Visionauten umbenannt und mit eigenen Visionen bespielt.
Unterstützt von der Akademie für Visionautik entwickelten die SchülerInnen ihre Visionen. Sie setzen diese zusammen mit den Künstlern Emily Völker (Bewegtbild/Video) und Alexandre Decoupigny (Musik/Soundkunst) von Reality Remixed sowie ihrer Kunstlehrerin Antje Springer vor Ort polymedial um.

Am 7. und 8. September wird das Ergebnis dieser kreativen Arbeit live präsentiert. Über drahtlose, tragbare Kopfhörer werden Sie entlang einer Geschichte an die verschiedenen Orte geleitet und in die imaginären Welten junger Menschen entführt, wo Vergangenheit und Zukunft, Vision und Realität zusammentreffen.
Performance am Freitag den 7. und Samstag den 8.9. 2012, 20:00 Uhr, am Sojus Kino, Helene Weigel Platz, Marzahn-Hellersdorf
Anmeldung für einen der limiterten Plätze:
Dieses Projekt wurde finanziell ermöglicht durch den Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung Berlin.

Aug 242012

In cooperation with the Pioneers Of Change Austria the Academy of Visionautics are creating a unique event and opportunity for European social entrepreneurs. We will offer an 8 day workshop to empower changemakers in an early stage to kick-start their sustainable innovations. Thanks to the EU Grundtvig lifelong learning programme, we have the pleasure of offering 20 fully funded places to EU citizens not resident in Austria. Please have a look at the details here.
Application until August 31st.

Apr 272012

In August the “Allee der Kosmonauten” in Berlin will turn into the “Allee der Visionauten”, giving space for future visions, developed by high school students. During the weekend of 7th to 8th of September (!), the student’s visions for specific locations along this avenue will be shown in public. Guided tours will lead around a series of performances, arts, film and sound installations. Be surprised how the students will transform e.g. an abandoned cinema with broken windows, a tunnel, a brownfield, or a socialist monument into a visionary space.

The project “Allee der Visionauten” that works with arts classes of different grades, has been developed by the media artist company Reality Remixed in cooperation with the Akademie für Visionautik and the Wilhelm-von–Siemens Gymnasium, located in the Allee der Kosmonauten.


After a few sessions of research on the location, this week the Academy of Visionautics led the students into a vision development process. It was the first time the Academy of Visionautics, having its roots in adult education, worked with high school students, and we found out: Yes! Visionautics works also with schoolchildren and it is fun!

Spring Lab 2012

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Apr 182012


Visionautics spring methodology lab has just finished, and an exciting journey towards their vision has just started for a brand new batch of visionauts. Esther Vallado, head of the NGO Biodiversa in Spain, was one of them and shares her reflections about the lab:

In a beautiful and inspiring location, the Arts and Crafts Institute in Kloster Lehnin, and in close contact with nature, 13 participants from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands, ready to expect the unexpected, experienced the visionautic methodology and blossomed just as flowers in spring.

The lab was not just one lab, but 13 labs in one, as every participant felt the course was tailor-made for their personality, their project and their personal needs for improvement. The interaction between participants and facilitators was constant, and the space for improvisation huge.

The visionautic facilitators found out that I had the intention to become a trainer, but I had never had the chance to practice before, so they gave me the opportunity to test my facilitation skills right in the visionautic lab. This was such a valuable experience for me. I gained confidence and self-assurance, and I am now determined to continue my path as a trainer/facilitator, knowing that I am more than good enough for it.

Alongside with the conceptual and mainly practical programme, there were also some unconventional activities planned, such as arrow-breaking and fire-walking.

You might think: “what did you break an arrow with the soft part of your throat for? And what did you walk on fire for? Isn’t it just something crazy?”  But, apart from having fun with it, I had a very valuable experiencial learning through these activities. I overcame many fears and I was able to face challenges which seemed absolutely impossible. After this I am confident that I will achieve what I envision for my future. Whenever I encounter a difficulty, I will think, “Come on, I’ve walked on fire, this can’t be more difficult than that!” Also, these activities helped me train myself into keeping the focus towards my aim. The dancing and singing along the fire brought my spirit closer to the roots of humankind, and made me feel one with the planet… it was the magic in the fire and the atmosphere of unity within the group that supported me.

Another part of the programme that I specially enjoyed was the “visionautics quest”, some sort of  scavenger hunt in which every path you take is different and adapted to your needs or questions. In my very personal visionautic quest path I could tackle in a very playful way the issues I had to solve to get my life-project going with full energy.

I will need several weeks to process all the learnings and feelings I had during the lab, paraphrasing Claudia, one of the participants: “taking part in a visionautic lab is a life altering experience“.

(By Esther Vallado, Spain, participant in the Visionautics Spring Methodology Lab 2012)